Grandparent Rights

Grandparent Rights

Grandparents are often important relationships for children in terms of support and care. And when a divorce or separation occurs, this can affect these relationships, particularly when they are prevented from spending time with their children due to the new parental care arrangements.

Contravention Orders: Parenting – Family law firms in Australia


If a parent does not comply with a Parenting Order, it is said that the parent has contravened the Parenting Order.

This includes failing to comply or taking an action to prevent the other parent from spending time with their children in accordance with the Parenting Order.

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

The Federal Circuit and Family Law Court takes child abuse seriously. If your child is in a position of danger, then the court must act on it.

If you feel your child is in danger, then we can help guide you through the legal process so that both you and your child are protected.

Relocation and Travel – Best Family Law Solicitors

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There are many circumstances where you or your former partner may want to move locations following a separation. This may be to access family support, move back to your hometown or country, or because you are unable to afford to live in the same place as your financial circumstances have changed.

Adult Child Maintenance

Child Maintenance

Once a child reaches 18 years of age, they may still qualify for child maintenance depending on the circumstances. This can include if your child is studying, has a serious illness or a disability.

Child Support and Child Maintenance

Child Support

Child support is financial support for children following a relationship breakdown.

This is one of the most important ways to ensure your children are provided and cared for now and into the future. We recommend that this is considered and then formalised when deciding to separate or divorce.

Children/Parenting – Custody Lawyers

Custody Lawyers Advocate Family Lawyers

Separating is one of the most difficult things you can go through. And this is true for your children as well. At Advocate Family Lawyers, our priority is the best interests of both you and your children, with the aim that you can all move on quickly and with as positive an outcome for all as possible.

Duty of Disclosure (Pre-Action Procedures)

Pre-Action Procedures

Pre-Action Procedures

Pre-action procedures are where you, and your legal representative, attempt to resolve a dispute outside of court.

When it comes to parenting matters, pre-action procedures must be completed before you can take your matter to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, which may be necessary in more complex family law matters.