Family enjoying time with their beloved pets

One of the most upsetting parts of a separation or divorce can be deciding what happens to your beloved shared pets.

Financial Contravention and Enforcement Orders

Contravention and Enforcement Orders Financial

In Family Law, Deanna often comes across cases where one party does not comply with a with a court order. This includes financial and property settlement orders. For example, your former spouse has not paid you the cash sum or signed the documentation to transfer property to you.



Superannuation is treated as property in Family Law in Australia. It is important to consider when you are divorcing or separating as it is often a large asset of one or both parties.

Spousal Maintenance

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Spousal maintenance is the financial support of one spouse by the other when a marriage or de facto relationship has broken down. Spousal maintenance is payable if there is a substantial difference in the incomes of the spouses when you separate.

Same-Sex Relationships

Same-Sex Relationships

Same-sex couples and their children are entitled to the same protection under the Family Law Act as heterosexual couples and their families.

Financial Agreements

When you are considering getting married, it can be difficult to consider or imagine what will happen if your relationship breaks down. However, statistically one in three marriages do end in divorce so it is highly recommend that a pre-nuptial agreement is considered to protect you and prevent disputes in the difficult scenario that you do end up separating.

De Facto Relationships – Separation Lawyers

Separation Lawyer

The definition of a spousal relationship has changed in Family Law to reflect the changes in society. This means that as a de facto couple, both same sex and heterosexual, you are protected in matters related to property, finances, maintenance and parental rights.

Hidden or Unknown Assets – Family Law Lawyers in Melbourne

Family Law Lawyers in Melbourne

When it comes to finance and property in Family Law, both parties have a duty of disclosure from the beginning to the end of the case. This means that you and your former partner have a duty to disclose your financial circumstances to the court and to each other to give all financial information and documents relevant to the case.