Mediation – Family Law Specialist

Family Law Specialist

Family Law Specialist

Deanna Elsner, an expert in the field of Family Law, specialises in resolving disputes through mediation, utilising a proactive mediation-first approach.

Family law specialists are responsible for addressing a wide range of legal issues pertaining to family matters, including parenting arrangements, property disputes, spousal maintenance, child support, and any other related matters.

With mediation, you can work through all issues involved and resolve things in a way that suits both parties. If you go to Court, the judge will make the decisions for you, and it is less likely you will be happy with the process.

Mediation is also a less stressful experience both emotionally and financially. Legal fees are significantly less in mediation and take a lot less time, allowing you to move on quickly.

Deanna provides mediation services in all areas of Family Law, even in the most complex of cases. She has always gone the “extra mile” to achieve excellent results.

Deanna Elsner, your trusted Family Law specialist, is skilled at helping find common ground between you and working out a mutual agreement. This is particularly important when children are involved in working out parenting agreements. It can help preserve an amicable relationship that is beneficial for your children, and you will both have an equal say.

If you cannot reach an agreement at mediation, we can take your matter to Court. Our team of Family Law specialists will fiercely advocate for your rights and provide steady guidance throughout the legal process.

If you’d like to discuss the process and how mediation can help you and your family, please contact Deanna for a free initial consultation with a Family Law specialist by calling 03 8393 6569 or booking through the form below.

Did you know?

With mediation, your family’s affairs are kept private. If you go to Court, all details are available to the public.

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